Crossing frontiers, effecting change

Ndikum Law offices Managing Partner, Philip Forsang Ndikum, describes to the Counsel Magazine UK, how his training at the Bar of England and Wales equipped him for the challenges of practising law in Cameroon

Focus on Emerging and Developing Economies 

Intended to provide a useful resource to scholars in banking law and financial regulation in developing and emerging economies, bankruptcy law and financial estoppel in international finance, international human rights and human rights as tools for development in developing and emerging economies..

Four-volume Encyclopaedia of International Aviation Law

Philip Forsang Ndikum and Serge-Delors Ndikum cover a wealth of information in their new four-volume publication, "Encyclopaedia of International Aviation Law" (published by Trafford Publishing).
Presented in four volumes, Encyclopaedia of International Aviation Law is designed to..

Our firm also boasts competence in wealth and tax management. Our main office in Douala, Cameroon responds to the dual legal system, which encompasses the English (Common Law) and the French (Civil Law). The firm is structured to provide robust research based client representation in that case files are handled with relevant research experience and expertise tapped from our strong team of 15 lawyers.

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Ndikum Law Offices is the only Cameroonian law firm that serves clients worldwide from our main office in Douala, Cameroon with correspondents in Alderney (Channel Islands), France and England, United Kingdom.